The Concept of a Muse

Do you believe in the concept of a muse? I see people talk about a muse all the time on writing websites or even Facebook, usually in the vein of “My muse sure is being an asshole today.”  But I guess I never thought about having one myself.

Now I don’t mean Sharon Stone walking into your room to help you write a screenplay. A muse can either be a physical thing or just what you call “inspiration.” Some people wait around for this muse to appear, and are lost without them.

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The “t” in New York

This blog has unfortunately just been sitting here, lost in the mist that is the blogosphere. So I (Fox) am going to try to repurpose it a little. I’ll talk about the movie business and films, but mainly from a writer’s perspective. I’m also going to use it to discuss screenwriter crap – formatting, character, overcoming alcoholism, etc.

Also also, since this blog (and the site) is niche and there are like 4 readers, I’ll further ostracize our fan base by blogging about my atheism. It’s  been more on my mind as of late than usual so I figure I’ll get some of my thoughts out here. So, go ahead and unfriend/unfollow!

This leads me to:

There’s been a relatively large buzz  of late about the “cross” found in the rubble of the World Trade Center towers. This “World Trade Center cross” was found two days after the attack, and was installed on a pedestal shortly after. It has since become a tourist attraction and a symbol for many.

Yet, for others, it symbolizes something else: bigotry.

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Fox Reviews The Troll Hunter

Let’s recap: among the various “found footage” movies, we’ve had ghosts, witches, cannibals, and even a Godzilla-type monster. But would you ever consider tree-sized (and bigger) trolls to be a subject of one of these “supposed to be for reals” flicks? Would that even work?

I’m here to tell you it absolutely does!

I caught this one at the Atlanta Film Festival the other day. I honestly couldn’t believe it was even there in the first place. Apparently, nobody else could either, as they turned out in droves! The buzz off the Interwebs had really caught on and we all waited to see what trolls REALLY looked like…and how to hunt them.

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5 Cheesy Films for Christmas

Yeah, we said Christmas. Not that we take some issue with that “war on Christmas” garbage, but there isn’t exactly a cornucopia of Kwanzaa or Hanukah horror flicks. Get on that, other filmmakers who aren’t me!

Anyway, here’s a list of five cheesy flicks you should check out as you open presents  by that crappy tree up above and ignore Cousin Eddie’s creepy stares.

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5 Things I Hate About Recent Horror Movies

To go along with Zombie Cat contributor Gary Hamrick’s recent angry rant about how much he hates “horror movies,” I’d like to present my own feelings on the subject. Gary’s column, while incendiary, isn’t completely off base. Most horror fans have felt for a while that not enough strides have been made to further the genre. While the occasional diamond in the rough emerges from the dregs, it’s still frustrating when a constant barrage of crap makes us look bad in the eyes of the common folk.

To this, I present five things (not necessarily in order, and by no means the only five) that drive me crazy about recent horror flicks.

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5 Things I’m Thankful For As A Film Buff

Quick post today, lots of driving today. First, if you live in the Atlanta area or are visiting soon, make sure to go to Dante’s Down the Hatch. Our friend Molly from Zombie Cat Productions had a birthday blowout there last night and it was freakin’ fantastic. Take a lot of friends and prepare to attack pounds of fruit and authentic Swedish chocolate. Plus, Dante is a funny and interesting dude.

Now: we’re all counting the things we’re grateful for this holiday season. Here are 5 quick things I’m thankful for as a film buff:

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Top 5 Films for Frustrated Writers

As all our fans (there are literally DOZEN of you) know, I, Fox, am an incredibly successful screenwriter and author when I’m not currently sobbing through our latest bad movie we’re reviewing. Like other ridiculously rich and successful writers, I sometimes get frustrated and need a quick pick me up. Since I love movies, I turn to my film collection for inspiration! Here are five favorites of mine that make me believe I might make it one day…I mean continue to be famous and awesome.

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Why Filmmakers Should Watch Bad Movies

A friend and colleague of mine always scoffs at my love of bad cinema whenever it comes up. “Why would I want to watch bad movies?” he says with a snicker. “I want to make good movies, so I watch good movies.”

Unfortunately for my misguided friend, he’s human, just like me. And like all humans, we both learn from two ways: screwing up and watching others screw up. My argument back to him is I’ve learned more from watching crap movies than I have from good ones.

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Horror Movie Turkeys for Thanksgiving

The leaves are falling, the air is cold, the time is changing…Christmas is right around the corner, right?

Wrong! You’re forgetting about the stuffing, the turkey, the cranberry sauce, the screaming matches with your cousin; you’re forgetting about Thanksgiving! It really is the most overlooked holiday, but we’re here to fix that.

If you’re worried about what ridiculous movies you could possibly watch as you lounge around after the fifteenth slice of pumpkin pie, fret no longer! Here are five gems guaranteed to make you thankful – well, at least thankful you weren’t involved in funding them. Or that you weren’t on the menu yourself!

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5 Atmospheric Horror Movies for Your Halloween Bash

We’ve all been to those lame ass Halloween parties where the host thought it would be “hilarious” to throw on some goofy Halloween music for the soundtrack. Between the 20th repeat of “Monster Mash” and the third cover of “Thriller,” you put your stale chips and crappy Bud Light down and go home, probably to cry. So at your own party, instead of making everyone roll their eyes at the Time Warp again, go for some horror cinema as the chilling backdrop to your bash!

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