Top 5 Reasons Why Cheesy Movie Lovers Are Better People

Lovers of cheesy movies aren’t like other movie watchers. We intentionally seek out the ridiculous, the unwatchable, the insane. We find films enjoyable others would not only avoid but might actually cause harm to the unaware.

Does this make us better people? Of course! But have you ever thought why? We eight year veterans of the awful movie game here at Cheesy Movie Night wondered just that, and here are our top five reasons why.

1. We Find Enjoyment in Everything

Ever been to the movie theater and seen a truly horrific movie? Something so bad it made your Milk Duds turn into moldy cottage cheese? So horrendous you burst into tears? Maybe even G.I. Joe?

We cheesy movie aficionados are pretty adept at finding something to love in every movie we see. There’s never been a movie that I’ve turned off or walked out of. I once sat through a 2.5 hour documentary on the history of the house featured in the painting “American Gothic,” so I can say that with true pride.

This knack for finding the little things to love comes through in everyday life. No matter what the situation is, we can always find a reason to smile, knowing that at least we’re not watching Seeds of Evil Find at

2. We’re Different

Yeah, we’re different alright. We’ll go out of our way to see yet another showing of Troll 2 Find at or The Room Find at We spend hours perusing the Internet to grab that rare copy of Bare Knuckles Find at

But what this means is we’re not the ones that mindlessly go to the movie theater to see the latest rom-com or overhyped blockbuster. We love the strange and the obscure, not the average or the boring.

3. We’re Devoted

It’s one thing to watch movies, it’s another to LOVE them. Fighting other jerks on eBay for that last copy of Bad Taste Find at on VHS or spending hours online debating which version of Thriller – A Cruel Picture Find at is the true version.

When we get something else in our lives that matches our love for obscure, goofy movies, then we stick with it til the bitter, bitter end. But let’s be honest, probably nothing will match it.

4. We Love to Laugh

Doesn’t matter what flashes up on our screen, we’re aimed to laugh at it. Crazy gore effects, horrendous acting, stupendously misconducted cinematography, it’s all hilarious to us.

In fact, I say that this has caused us to be able to laugh during our everyday lives more often. I’d like to think the reason I’ve been able to let things roll off my back so easily is because of my love for cheesy movies; if I can sit through endless horrific wastes of time like I have over the years, a little debt or car trouble just doesn’t really add up.

5. We Come From All Walks of Life

The one thing in common cheesy movie lovers have is just that, our love of bad cinema. Otherwise, we’re all over the place. Republican, Democrat, Independent; black, white, brown, green; if there’s a group, you’re bound to find crappy movie lovers within it.

This means no matter what we argue about in regular life, when it comes to movie selection, we’re all going to agree on the hand-drawn artwork on the box with the barely readable title, usually something like “Bad Evil Alien 2.” Creeds everywhere meet to chomp popcorn and laugh at the beautiful failures on our TVs.

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