5 Things I’m Thankful For As A Film Buff

Quick post today, lots of driving today. First, if you live in the Atlanta area or are visiting soon, make sure to go to Dante’s Down the Hatch. Our friend Molly from Zombie Cat Productions had a birthday blowout there last night and it was freakin’ fantastic. Take a lot of friends and prepare to attack pounds of fruit and authentic Swedish chocolate. Plus, Dante is a funny and interesting dude.

Now: we’re all counting the things we’re grateful for this holiday season. Here are 5 quick things I’m thankful for as a film buff:

1. The remake trend seems to be coming full circle. Call it a feeling, but it looks like it’s winding down. Though it’s culminated in a Coen Brothers remake of True Grit and that is just alright.

2. Indie cinema has lead to a lot of interesting and unique voices. There is a lot of crap that comes out, it’s true. But the low cost of making movies nowadays means more possibilities for films that otherwise would never be made get their vision out there.

3. Speaking of vision, it’s easy to take for granted that we live in a country where we have freedom of expression. Though that freedom often results in a mountain of bullshit, at least we’re able to spread said BS freely.

4. It may not seem like it, but smart films are still made. The ratio is incredibly off, but at least they’re there in some capacity.

5. Alcohol is still readily available in this country. So whenever we pop in a bad movie for reviewing, we have the ability to forget it ever happened!

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