The Concept of a Muse

Do you believe in the concept of a muse? I see people talk about a muse all the time on writing websites or even Facebook, usually in the vein of “My muse sure is being an asshole today.”  But I guess I never thought about having one myself.

Now I don’t mean Sharon Stone walking into your room to help you write a screenplay. A muse can either be a physical thing or just what you call “inspiration.” Some people wait around for this muse to appear, and are lost without them.

Though, most of the successful writers I’ve heard talk about inspiration say you have to write whether or not it shows up. And I’ve found it’s the same for me – some days I simply do not want to write. But you do anyway, cause otherwise nothing’s going to get done. Waiting for inspiration is like waiting for your birthday when you’re a kid – it never comes, never comes, then it’s already over and you’re just older.

But, there has to be something that makes you sit down at the desk and put pen to paper. Maybe it’s sheer determination to finish a project finally. Maybe it’s visions of a producer handing you bags of money for your screenplay. Maybe it’s crafting the perfect sentence.

On the other hand, maybe it’s a paperclip. Or Sharon Stone.

What about you? Is the concept of a muse a realistic one or lofty idealism from people who have never written creatively before?

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